Essee kirjutamiseks on (vähemalt minul) tarvis õige tugevusega pohmakat. Olen multitaskinguga nii harjunud, et täistööjõus ei suuda enam keskenduda. Seega, kuna homseks on vaja kirjutada kaks esseed, maabusin eile õhtul veiniga B. juures. Vaatasime Dylan Morani “Like, totally” ära ja unistasime sellest, kuidas selle mehe võtaks… otse lavalt… while we smoke. Nüüd on täpselt õige tunne.

Meeleolumuusikat ka, kuidas siis muidu.

* (neologism) smoking and flirting at the same time.

I think the reason that happened, all that bad feeling about America, is – apart from everything they’ve done – it’s because American stupid people sound stupider than every other kind of stupid person. Some people are just thick but you put up with them but Americans are annoying when they’re thick, because they say “Well, you know I was”– this is talking about one of those horrendous incidents which seem to happen every other day in America, they say “Well you know, I was there, and the guy came in, and he had like, a gun, you know, and he was like, shooting, and everybody else was like totally dead” and, it just sounds a little divorced from reality somehow.


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