Dylan Morani mäng

… et kuidagi leevendada ootusärevust. Palun kommentaaridesse lemmiktsitaat, ühekaupa. Ükskõik, kas stand-up, Black Books või päriskohtumiselt. Alustan:


12 thoughts on “Dylan Morani mäng

  1. Kaur ütles:

    [Fran: So what’s it like then? The fags and booze.]

    Well, to be honest, after years of smoking and drinking, you do sometimes look at yourself and think…
    You know, just sometimes, in between the first cigarette with coffee in the morning to that four hundredth glass of cornershop piss at 3am, you do sometimes look at yourself and think…:

    this is fantastic. I’m in heaven.

  2. minni ütles:

    deem, Kaur napsas minu lemmiku juba ära. (tegelt mulle meeldib see tsitaat veel rohkem ühe endise kursavenna esituses. ükskord, kui ta selle ilmekalt nagu möödaminnes muu jutu vahele pistis, oleksin peaaegu armunud…)

  3. Kessu ütles:

    minu lemmik on ka see, mis Kaur juba kirjutas.
    Aga teine “”If you live in a council flat”… “beside a river”… “but are not blind”… WHAT? WHAT?! “What is your mother’s maiden name?” What’s her first name? I just knew her as Ma! Ma! That’ll have to do. Ma… possibly deceased.”

  4. Tauno ütles:

    “Germany” teemal stand-upist (panen peast umbkaudu)

    So you’re talking to a modern German and he’s going on like “Germany now is in a very good situation, both economically, culturally, we’re very vibrant” and all the while you’re thinking “Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler. There’s the Hitler, when you did the Hitler thing with Hitler! Pooofffffff!”

  5. Liis ütles:

    “Well, you know I was”– this is talking about one of those horrendous incidents which seem to happen every other day in America, they say “Well you know, I was there, and the guy came in, and he had like, a gun, you know, and he was like, shooting, and everybody else was like totally dead” and, it just sounds a little divorced from reality somehow.

  6. daki ütles:

    Oh, muidugi on Kauri öeldu ka minu lemmik. Aga teine lemmik on: “What?! I’m up at half ten. I’m never up at half ten. WHAT HAPPENS?!”

  7. Liis ütles:

    Daki: «You can’t believe how awesome it is for me. I’m sitting here with Dylan Moran! Have you got ANY idea how awesome it is?»
    Dylan: «No, it’s rather boring. I sit with him all the time.»

    • daki ütles:

      I KNOW, RIGHT!!! Ta pani täna veel mingi pirni, või noh, mitu. Aga ma pean diktoka pealt üle kuulama. Ah, üks meenus.

      Daki. “Well, living as a whole is kind of bad for your health.”
      Dylan: “Well, yes, because, you know…”
      Daki: “It ends with you dying.”

  8. tafkav ütles:

    Kaks esimest asja, mis mulle pähe tulevad:

    “Are they leather bound pounds? I need leather bound pounds to go with my wallet.”

    Ja teine asi pole tsitaat, vaid pilt – veinipudelist pulgakomm. :-) Ma olen korduvalt mõelnud, et seda peaks järgi teha proovima…

  9. Liis ütles:

    “Death before dishonour.” I always used to wonder, Hey, exactly how much dishonour are we talking about here? ‘Cause I could handle quite a lot. I would, for instance, fellate a Smurf before I picked death.”

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